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This is a fantasy-themed event limited to works.


Create a fantasy-themed BMS. Even if it is said, I think that what kind of fantasy comes to mind differs depending on the person, so this time it does not matter if you make something that you think is fantasy (because each person has a different interpretation of fantasy) here I thought about deciding the world to some extent, but I think that there are worlds that you want to express and your own way of thinking about fantasy, so I decided on this policy. Show us your fantasy!

Please comply with the BRS ver.003.

・ Multiple registrations are possible.

・ No pre-registration required

・Registration of copy BMS is prohibited. Please register the arrangements and remixes after specifying the source.

About impressions

Please comply with the BRS ver.003.

・ You can put a score of 1 to 10pts per work.

・Ranked by total score. In the case of the same score, the higher ave (average value) will be the higher.

If there is a mistake in the impression, such as multiple posts or score mistakes, please report it to the immediately.

meeting place

I will rent an event venue like q/stol.

Thank you for your cooperation. Thank you very much at this time.

Registration period

2022/07/23 00:00~

2022/07/31 23:59

Evaluation period

2022/08/01 00:00~

2022/08/21 23:59

means of contact

Reply or DM to the Official Twitter Account


Please send an e-mail to the e-mail address of the BikkuriHatena .

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